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Our Services

The Complete Product provides client focused professional services.  In essence our team works collaboratively with small and large enterprises to achieve more effective and efficient new product development that drives successful innovation and differential value.
Our professional services fall under three categories:
  • Strategic Advice

  • Process Re-engineering

  • Product & Service Creation


Strategic Advice:

  • Business Blueprint
  • Innovation Audit
  • Execution Process

Process Re-engineering:

  • The Innovation Process
  • Knowledge Management

Product & Service Creation

  • Project / Program Management
  • Resources


Please download one of our flyers.  They outline just a few of the standard Product-to-Market consultancy services that we can offer to help improve the performance of your product or service development and innovation practices:

Business Improvement Services

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If your innovation engine is performing well the benefits can be substantial.  But the Business Challenges to achieve strong business growth can also be substantial.  The Complete Product provides Services that improve the performance of our client’s new product development capability and generate new, technology based, product and service innovations.
Successful businesses build on their strengths; they manage their risks and understand their limitations.  The key lesson for success is  simple; “Know yourself”. The Complete Product provides Diagnostic Audit Services that help to identify, pinpoint and then exploit and capitalise on what you actually do best. 

Innovation Workshop Services 

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Having a great product-to-market process with a clear strategy is fine but without a pipeline of innovative ideas it’s like an empty fuel tank.  Innovation workshops offer a useful, structured way to explore, survey and extract the fuel that’s essential for the growth engine.   The Complete Product provides Innovation Workshop Services that help our client’s setup and run effective event based sessions to find innovative opportunities and to fuel growth.

Open Innovation Services 

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Businesses are increasingly recognising the limitations of their own capacity for innovation, development and new ideas.  Today’s Open Innovation networks offer an ever expanding and extremely rich source of almost every capability and capacity necessary for innovation and new product development.  The Complete Product provides Open Innovation Services to help businesses, both large and small, participate in and find competitive value in Open Innovation.   

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