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Code of Ethics

Ethical business values and corporate principles are fundamentally important.  Our business relationships are no different from any positive and sustainable relationship and must be built on a foundation of trust and communication.  The success of our business depends on the success and substance of the relationship with all our stakeholder.   A well regarded framework defining policies and principles to underpin fair, transparent and effective business principles and practices is provided by the GoodCorporation and the Institute of Business Ethics.  The following set of core principles are drawn from that standard and define the ethical framework of responsible and good management for The Complete Product.


While as a company The Complete Product Pty Ltd is accountable to its owners, our business also takes into account the interests of all its stakeholders including employees, customers and suppliers as well as the community and environment in which we operate.  Our organisation aims to achieve clarity, fairness and effectiveness in setting these policies and in their practice.

1. For our People 

The Complete Product will:

  • provide clear and fair terms of employment.
  • provide clean, healthy and safe working conditions.
  • maintain a fair remuneration policy everywhere that we operate.
  • strive for equality and diversity for all present and potential employees.  Specifically we do not discriminate on the grounds of disability, colour, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation,  age, religion, political or other opinions.
  • encourage our People to develop skills and progress in their careers.
  • not tolerate any sexual, physical or mental harassment or bullying of our People.
  • employ only voluntary and appropriately aged people.

2. For our Customers

The Complete Product will:

  • be honest and fair in our relationships with all our Customers by:
    • having terms of business with our customers that are clear and respected.
    • ensuring our Customers’ personal and confidential information and intellectual property are protected and used only in ways explicitly agreed.
    • ensuring that none of our promotional material,  public statements or Customer information is misleading or causes public offence.
    • providing a process for acknowledging and resolving Customer complaints and comments.
    • regularly seeking and using Customer feedback.
    • competing fairly and taking measures to prevent anti-competitive behaviour.
  • deliver consultancy services and innovation products to the standards that have been agreed through:
    • having terms of reference and service specifications that are clear and complete, including where appropriate: quality standards, cost estimates, and timescales for delivery and follow-up where required.
  • take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of the product and service advice that we provide.
  • not engage in form of bribery or corruption.

3. For our Suppliers and Contract Partners
The Complete Product will:
  • encourage Suppliers and joint venture Partners to adopt responsible business practices.  
  • be honest and fair in our relationships with our Suppliers and contract Partners.
  • pay our Suppliers and contract Partners in accordance with agreed  terms.
  • not engage in any form of bribery or corruption.

4. For our Community

The Complete Product will:
  • contribute to making the Communities in which we operate a better places to live and do business.
  • be sensitive to the local Community’s cultural, social and economic needs.
  • conduct ourselves in a responsible and neutral political manner.

5. For our Environment

The Complete Product will:
  • protect the Environment in terms of our use of resources and minimise the waste and pollution that we generate.

6.  For our Owners

The Complete Product will:
  • maintain financially accountable to its Owners and will communicate all matters that are material to the organisation.
  • protect the Owners’ funds manages risk and ensures funds are used as directed.
  • communicate to owners on all maters that are material and necessary for good governance.

7. For our Management Group 

The Complete Product will:
  • operate as an organisation conforming to the letter and spirit of this policy.

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